Company Background

    We at Fidak are proud Saudi Firm that have achieved since its inception in 1418, corresponding to 1998 rapid progress in the field of excavation and backfilling and shear rocks and the work of bridges constructions and roads paving, as well as equipment leasing, and constructions of sewage and rainwater, dams and afforestation parks and land scabbing in addition to cities cleaning & waste disposal. We are also specialized in the planning and settlement of residential and commercial real estate development, construction, excavation, electrical, and transport, roads, public works and excavation construction and extension of electrical and telephone cables of fiber Optic & Metal Cables and re-filled and Roads Paving through the experiences and competencies of our staff, engineers and technicians who poses great expertise and efficiency in all business including earth moving & trenching, using the latest techniques and technology by highly qualified operators.
    As we have several drilling to implement all types of machines trenching depths and variety show for all needs, such as:
                   – Drilling and constructions of bridges and re-settlement of sewage & water pipes.
                   – Drilling and filling and re-settlement of rainwater piping
                   – Trenching and extension of re-settlement streams of sewage and sewage lines
                   – Construction of dams in rural areas
                   – Septic treatment
                   – Design and construction of field of landscape, planting, and maintenance of streets, and parks and
                      recreation sites, as well as the organization of all the sophisticated irrigation systems networks
                   – Operation and maintenance of irrigation for trees and plantings networks.
                   – Maintenance of trees and plants
                   – Construction and development playgrounds and recreation parks.
                   – Construction of roads and paving.
    Being a company that specializes in all general contracting and real estate development & investment, we offer our customers works that is based on the principle where distinctions begin,  We aim to provide our services in distinctive and sophisticated manner to articulate our understanding of our customers wishes and to identify the most important internal and external factors that affect it, and to be able to plan and implement the performance and the service with highest possible efficiency, we are committed to all the special service to be provided with professional standards and follow through professional development and the development of competencies and efficiency of our employees in areas that we offer to our clients so they may thank God we have gained confidence and good reputation with our customers

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